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Near Normal Man awarded BEST DOCUMENTARY of the SDJFF Short Film Forum, 2017

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From The Daily Mail

“Holocaust survivor, 95, who endured NINE concentration camps and selection by Josef Mengele
shares his apartment with a 31-year-old granddaughter of a Nazi”

From CBS News

“Holocaust survivor finds unlikely roommate in granddaughter of Nazis”

From The Washington Post

“This 95-year-old Holocaust survivor has a roommate — she’s a 31-year-old granddaughter of Nazis”,
article by Colby Itkowitz

Film Review

I have seen many similar films, but found this one especially moving, largely because of Ben Stern’s extraordinary articulation, from beginning to end. As soon as I saw that he had resettled in Skokie, I knew where this was going . . .Early on in that dispute, despite being a leading defender of the ACLU’s decision to take the case, I resolved never to lecture those who had endured, and still endure, incalculable pain and anguish, on why the First Amendment compelled the result it did.I thought this wonderful film handled the Skokie matter superbly, and that Stern’s narrative about it was marvelous, and his remedy— a massive counter demonstration, a response of speech to speech — exactly right.

— Ira Glasser, Executive Director American Civil Liberties Union 1978-2001

“Ben Stern in Near Normal Man tells perhaps the most important story of the twentieth century. He does this with equal amounts of courage and empathy. His gracious spirit does so much to restore our hope in humanity!”

— Dean Reverend Dr. Malcolm Clemens Young, Grace Cathedral, San Francisco