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Ben Stern receives the prestigious James Joyce Award
in Dublin, Ireland in its 163rd year!


JUNE 12th Protest — From The Jewish News of Northern California
“Emotional testimony from survivors at San Francisco ICE protest”

From Times of
“Yoam Hashoah with Near Normal Man

From Berkeleyside
“Do Nazis have free-speech rights? A UC Berkeley panel digs in”

From The Mercury News:
“‘Near Normal Man’ battles Nazis again, for the third time in 7 decades Documentary about Ben Stern to screen at Oshman Family JCC”

From The Daily Mail:
“Holocaust survivor, 95, who endured NINE concentration camps and selection by Josef Mengele
shares his apartment with a 31-year-old granddaughter of a Nazi”

From CBS News:
“Holocaust survivor finds unlikely roommate in granddaughter of Nazis”

 From Al Jazeera Media:

“Unlikely Roommates: A 95-year-old Holocaust survivor opened his home to the granddaughter of Nazis.”

 From The BBC: Boston Calling:

“The Holocaust survivor and grandchild of Nazis who share a home”

 From PRI Public Radio International:

“Unlikely roommates: A Holocaust survivor and grandchild of Nazis share a home in California”

 From El Mundo:

“CRÓNICABen, polaco, se había quedado solo. Y la alemana Lea buscaba compartir piso… La nieta de nazi que cuida a un judío superviviente”

From The Washington Post:
“This 95-year-old Holocaust survivor has a roommate — she’s a 31-year-old granddaughter of Nazis”, article by Colby Itkowitz.

 From the Huffington Post:
“Staying Alive, Staying Human”, Ira Glasser, retired Executive Director of the ACLU writes a film review of Near Normal Man, Ira defended the Nazis right to march (1st Amendment) in opposition to Ben, who sparked and led a national response to prevent the Nazis from marching in his adopted hometown of Skokie, Illinois.


Listen to the radio program
Lea Heitfeld and Ben Stern, Courtesy of Lea Heitfeld
Read the accompanying article

The California Report aired Sasha Khokha’s interview on at 4:30pm PST on Friday, February 3rd. With Ben Stern, subject of Near Normal Man, Charlene Stern, producer/director, and Lea Heitfeld .

Lea is a houseguest in Ben’s home. Ben is a fiercely Jewish Holocaust survivor. Lea is a young, German graduate student, whose grandparents were active, unrepentant Nazis. How did this unlikely match happen? How is the documentary film, Near Normal Man more relevant today, for young people facing challenges and choices, unlike ever before, in our country and world?

The California Report is hosted by Sasha Khokha for KQED.  This program was aired on over 30 affiliate stations throughout California.  KQED is an affiliate of NPR (National Public Radio).

“J” Weekly interview

Ben Stern and Charlene Stern are interviewed by Dan Pine, a senior writer of the “J” Weekly.  The article includes Ben’s response to recent political turmoil in America, Ben’s new German gentile house guest and insights into the documentary, Near Normal Man; all highly relevant to our world today. Read Dan Pine’s article